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Math Parser

In this site we have Math Parser for .NET, Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual Basic (COM or .NET), Java, PHP, Python to help application developers. Most components include source code. We can also provide develop custom software for your needs. Use our components and get your job done fast! It can take weeks or months for an experienced programmer to write these components. You would still need to test and try. Here we have time tested components already in use by others all over the world.

Mathematical Expression Parsers

Same idea implemented in multiple languages! So that you can port your application too! (Licensing is per developer - your application built with these components can be distributed royalty free to unlimited number of end users.) Bestcode Math Parser Components parse and evaluate formulas, expressions given as strings at runtime. They are also known as Formula Parser, Expression Parser.

 TbcParser is a VCL math parser component for Delphi that can be used with Delphi and C++ Builder. (Source code included.)

 JbcParser is a math parser for Java. You can easily parse and evaluate mathematical formulas given at runtime in your Java code. (Source code included.)

 bcParser.NET is a math parser for .NET. It is a C# class that can be used in all managed languages. It supports double as well as decimal numeric type for financial calculations (via conditional compilation - demo version uses double). (C# Source code included.)

 bcParserGo is the Golang version of the math expression parser component. Can be used to build Linux, Mac OS X, Windows Apps. (Go source code included)

 bcParserCPP is the math parser for C++. Comes as MathParser.h header file. Good for C++ projects with Visual C++, GNU C++ on Windows, Linux, Mac. It is a C++ template class that accepts pluggable numeric types. It is shown to work with double, long double, std::complex and arbitrary precision types.

 bcParserObjC is the math parser for Objective C. Usable with XCode in iOS and OS X projects. (Objective C Source code is included.).

 PyMathParser is a Python class to evaluate mathematical expressions at runtime. You can download PyMathParser for free.

 Math Parser for PHP is a PHP class to parse and evaluate user supplied math formulas at runtime without using the PHP eval() function for security reasons. bcParserPHP comes as a single mathparser.php source code.

bcFileUtils - File Utilities

bcFileUtils - a set of command line file utilities which provide regular expression find-replace, copy files, deletes files, rename files, fix invalid xml characters, file split, line count, dos2unix conversions for text files. File utilities also include jpegsize.exe to bulk resize many images at once.

Free Software Downloads


A Delphi Component for easy logging and tracing to files. (Used by ISAPI Filter examples we ship).


JpegSize is a Windows command line utility application to easily resize many number of JPEG images with one quick command.

bmp2jpg, bmp2gif

Bulk Image converters that automatically convert a selected list of images from one format to another with few clicks.


Replace is a Windows command line utility that searches files in directories to find a given text and replace with another. It is very useful for bulk processing of files.


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