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Build bcParser.NET from Source

How to Build Math Parser - bcParser.NET

Frequent QUESTION:

I get this error when I try to build:

Error  1      The type or namespace name 'TwoParamFunc' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)


You need to pick whether you want to use double precision numbers or decimal numbers. In your project settings, define DOUBLE_PARSER or DECIMAL_PARSER:

Frequent QUESTION:

I bought the bcParser.NET component. I get many errors when i build the solution. What is wrong?


bcParser.NET.dll is a strong name assembly by default. It requires a sgKey.snk file to build. To compile the project you have two options:

1. Create your own sgKey.snk file to sign the assembly with your own key

You can create this file with the following command in .NET command window:

sn -k sgKey.snk

More information on creating your own keys can be found on microsoft website .

Once you use this key file, you should not loose it. You will need it next time you build your DLL if you want the DLL to work with existing applications.

2. Change the assembly file not to use a strong name

Go to AssemblyInfo.cs file and comment out the line:

//[assembly: AssemblyKeyFileAttribute(@"..\..\sgKey.snk")]

Solution in Visual Studio

You can right click the solution and build all.