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Delphi 2006

Install Math Parser in Delphi 2006

The TbcParser Component works with Delphi 2006 and there are BPL packages included for 2006 and 2007. If you need to create a design time package yourself here are some instructions on how to create a package in Delphi 2005:

Delphi 2006 Screen Shot


C++ Builder 2006 is very similar to Delphi

If you don’t want to use a package, you can directly include the bcParser.pas file into your project and use it just like any other unit.

Here is a screen shot of using the component in Delphi 2006 Win32 Personality:


Installing TbcParser Trial version Packages in Delphi

When you build your application, you might get the following error:

F1026 File not found: 'bcParser.dcu'

This is because Delphi is not able to find your bcParser.dcu file. To fix this you need to add the location of the bcParser.dcu to your project’s search path. Example:

After you fix the dcu problem, depending on your Delphi version, you might get the following error:

F2063 Could not compile used unit ‘bcParser.pas’

This problem does not occur when you have the bcParser.pas source code file. Trial version does not have that. To workaround this for the trial version only, please go to the project options and choose “Build with runtime packages”