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Delphi for .NET Example

Using Math Parser for .NET in Delphi

Delphi 8 for .NET can use .NET Assemblies written in C#. Before you can use the Bestcode.MathParser assembly, you need to add a reference to it in your Delphi IDE.

Screen shot on the left shows the Add Reference menu item.


You will see the list of .NET assemblies. You can click �Browse� button to browse to the location where you put the component to add a reference to it:

Here is what the browse dialog looks like:

This will add the bcParser�s DLL location in the search directories list in your project settings:

Once you have a reference to the assembly, you can use the Bestcode.MathParser unit (namespace) in your uses clauses. Below is Delphi 8 Example source code for the math parser .NET version:


Here is the implementation section of the Delphi Form. Note the use of a user defined custom function for the parser. Also, creation and use of a custom variable is shown:

Once you compile this application, the screen shot looks like this:

Delphi is an excellent choice for .NET programming and you can use bcParser.NET for your application�s parsing needs. For earlier Delphi versions you may consider TbcParser (VCL Component), or bcParserX (COM Component) too.

Happy coding!