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Evaluation Version Downloads

Use components to build your software from individual tested, well defined blocks.


Mathemetical expression parser for Delphi, C++ Builder, Kylix. See product page.


Mathemetical expression parser for .NET (C#, Delphi 8, Visual Basic). See product page. (Visual Studio Debugger gives the wrong impression that the component is slow when launched, turn off your debugger for actual performance or measure performance of millions of iterations, not just one evaluation, so that CLR warms up.)


Mathemetical expression parser for COM (Visual C++, Visual Basic). See product page.


Mathematical expression parser for Java. See product page.

bcParserCPP Calculator Demo

bcParserCPP is the Math Parser for C++. It is a natural fit for C++ projects. bcParserCPP supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac. And it also supports compilers such as Visual C++, Borland C++, GNU C++.


Expiration management component to create evaluation version for your software. See product page.


A NetObjects Fusion Component to automatically generate an html page of links to images in a selected directory.
See product page. (Bundled with NOF Component Pack)


A NetObjects Fusion Component to automatically generate a Table of Contents Page for your website. See product page.
(See Sample Page here). (Bundled with NOF Component Pack)

BcNextPrevTextBtn sX

A NetObjects Fusion Component to automatically generate Next Page-Previous Page links on all pages of a master border. See product page.
This is the stripped down version (limited to text link, no images) of the BcNextPrevBtnsX component. The
Wget4XsdTable of ContentsTbcLog
buttons of this website is an example of BcNextPrevBtnsX. (Bundled with NOF Component Pack)


bcAuthenticate is a custom Authentication Filter for Internet Information Server (IIS). See product page.

Free Downloads


A Delphi Component for easy logging and tracing to files. (Used by ISAPI Filter examples we ship).

JpegSize.EX E

A Windows command line utility application to easily resize many number of JPEG images with one quick command.

bmp2jpg, bmp2gif

Bulk Image converters that automatically convert a selected list of images from one format to another with few clicks.


Replace is a Windows command line utility that searches files in directories to find a given text and replace with another. It is very useful for bulk processing of files.


XPathLister quickly scans thousands of XML documents to summarize all possible structural elements, attributes and their frequencies. The output is usually easier to grasp compared to XML Schema or DTD and is a good starting point  when working with new XML content that you need to get familiar with.