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FiXML - Fix Invalid XML Characters

Fixing Invalid XML Characters

FiXML is a command line tool that removes or replaces invalid XML characters in an XML document. Invalid range of XML characters are defined by XML spec and documents that contain them cannot be parsed in most cases.

Invalid XML characters should not be confused with special XML characters. Special XML characters are those that require escaping such as <, & etc.

The most common invalid XML characters are those control characters below ascii 32. Except a few such as \r, \n, \t, space etc, most of the control characters cannot appear in an XML document. There are also few unicode character ranges that should not appear in XML documents per XML spec.

FiXML helps you convert your XML to valid form. Original file is not touched. Output will be saved to {filename}.fixed.


FiXML.exe [-encoding encname] [-replace text] afilename.xml

-encoding (optional) is the character encoding of the input and output files. For example utf-8, which is a common encoding used for XML files.

-replace (optional) is the text to replace each invalid character with. If not specified, invalid characters are removed.

filename.xml (required) is any file which might contain invalid xml characters that you wish to remove/replace.

FiXML screenhsot:

Fix Invalid XML Characters

FiXML is part of Bestcode File Utilities tool set.