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Download bcLog Delphi Logging Component for Free

Download TbcLog Component to easily incorporate logging capability to your Delphi and C++ Builder Applications. 3KB Zip file includes the pascal source code and the component image for the IDE Component Palette.

The component opens and closes the log file each time you write log information in it (So that it does not keep a lock on the file). Thus, it is intended for debugging purposes where speed is not a problem.

To use, create the component, assign the log file name, and call

    procedure LogInfo (aStr : String);

to write out the information you want. It will also write date, time etc. along with your text, so you need not specify such details yourself.

Here is a sample piece of log entries. Exact content depends on the options you pick.

04/07/2004 ~ 22:18:08.698 ~ ---------------------------------------
04/07/2004 ~ 22:18:08.698 ~ HTTP HEADERS received:
04/07/2004 ~ 22:18:08.698 ~ Could not get 'If-Not-Modified-Since' header.
04/07/2004 ~ 22:18:08.698 ~ Path is /index.htm
04/07/2004 ~ 22:18:08.698 ~ SERVER_NAME=localhost
04/07/2004 ~ 22:18:08.698 ~ Will process this page:/index.htm
04/07/2004 ~ 22:18:08.718 ~ ---------------------------------------
04/07/2004 ~ 22:18:08.718 ~ Raw Data Received from Client:
04/07/2004 ~ 22:18:08.718 ~ GET /assets/images/background.gif HTTP/1.1

Screenshot of properties: