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Install Math Parser in Delphi 10.3.3

When you buy TbcParser, you get the bcParser.pas source code file which you can use to install as a component in Delphi.

Here is how you would install the Delphi component and use it in Delphi 10.3.3 Rio:

1. Click on “Install Component” menu in your Delphi IDE


2. Pick the bcParser.pas source file to install into new package, and click next


3. Type in a package name and click finish


4. You will see a dialog that says that the package is installed


5. The package project will appear like below, which you can save.


You can now see the bcParser component in your component palette in your Delphi IDE:


In order to use this component, in your own project, you will need to include the bcParser.pas file’s folder into your project’s search path in Project Options. Without this step, when you build your project it may not be able to find the bcParser unit to compile.


Now you can use the bcParser Unit in your source code.

Happy coding!