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Copy Files Using Regular Expressions

This program copies files whose path name matches a regular expression.

Command line parameters are:

-srcdir       <adirectory>  Directory of the files to copy. By default, this is the current directory.

-destdir     <adirectory> Target directory to copy the files to.

-filepath     <apattern>  The file name pattern to find to copy. For example: .*/dir/(report)_[0-9]*.txt

-diff         This flag instructs to copy only the files that do not exist in the target directory.

-casesens     This flag indicates search is case sensitive.

-copyemptydirs This flag indicates empty folders that are being processed shoul
d be copied as well.

-r         Recursively process sub directories.

-verbose   Print detailed progress messages.

CopyRegex.exe is part of Bestcode File Utilities tool set.

CopyRegex file copy utility scans (recursively if -r) the source folder (-srcdir) for files whose file path (path and file name) matches a regular expression given by -filepath parameter. The matching files are copied to the destination folder (-destdir). If -diff is given, it means difference only. Then files that already exist in destination location are skipped and are not copied.