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Unix2Dos command line program converts line feeds (\n) to carriage return, line feed pairs (\r\n) and places the output files in a separate directory if such directory is specified. The file size must be small enough to fit in available memory.

Command line parameters are:

-srcdir    adirectory    directory of the original files. By default, this is the current directory.

-destdir   adirectory    destination directory to save modified files. By default, this is the current directory. The source files will be over written.

-fname     apattern    the file name pattern to search, for example *.*

-r         recursively process sub directories.

This program is needed to correctly transfer text files from DOS (Windows) to Unix (Linux) operating systems. The line breaks used in these systems are different and this program converts them for best compatibility.

Unix2Dos.exe is part of Bestcode File Utilities tool set.