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FileSplit.exe utility is used to break a very large text file into smaller files so that they can be opened in common text editors (such as notepad) and inspected. Most of the time, such very large files are created to contain database exports, or server activity logs. When it is time to locate a piece of information in such big file, everyday editors fall short. FileSplit comes to rescue by producing usable chunks of small files so that you can continue with your work, open them in editors and forward small files over the network.

Command line parameters are:

-fname     filename    the file name to split. For example: webserver.log (You will get files like webserver_1.log, webserver_2.log, ... )

-numlines   anumber     Number of lines in each split file. Default is 10000 lines per file.

Here is FileSplit.exe in action:

Command Line File Split command execution

Here is what the files look like:

FileSplit breaks a big file into smaller files

FileSplit.exe is part of Bestcode File Utilities tool set.